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Thank you for getting this far on my website !

Every person is basically good. This was my attitude to ALL people as a youngster but as I got older and more cynical this belief has started to dim. The result has been increasing anger (towards society in general) , depression (what is the point of it all anyway?) , paranoia (but that of course does NOT mean that they are NOT out to get me !) and increasing impatience (a quality which I have pretty well lacked throughout my life).  And all because I have started to wonder about people being basically good. They ARE !!  AND THAT IS THE REASON FOR THE FIRST LAW IN THE NEW CODE OF ETHICS FOR OUR GROUP MUST BE

R E S P E  C T 

Respect before Responsibility before Rights.

I need a Group of people to join me in applying this CODE as a general rule for all the decisions which we need to make every minute of every day. We need to question everything that we do and make sure that our decisions apply this code to the best of our ability. My major objective  is to establish a point of reference which can be applied regardless of ones religion, creed, colour, race, sexual orientation and /or beliefs.  My sincere conviction is that any belief which cannot accept this CODE is flawed and MUST BE MODIFIED TO ENABLE THE CODE TO BE WORKABLE.

Please sign-up to this website so that you can assist with the propagation and acceptance of this CODE. You are not joining “my Group” because I am merely the editor and “programmer” for this site. I do NOT want any recognition for myself.  My intention is to climb on my soapbox and pontificate on the subjects which are most significant to ME at this time in the hope that others comments and posts can be turned into pages which can address the major issues WHICH CAN BE INFLUENCED by the collective power of petition and the marvel of the world wide web (www).

Thank you,

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