3. Politics

Part 1 — Politics :

Politics is the more critical of the two Problems Politics and Religion. It is also the more difficult to resolve because by its very nature it must be resolved by the people that practice Politics.

A sobering thought :  Australia is without any doubt one of the best countries in the world. The most significant problem in this country is the Politicians and what they do to it.

The reason Politics is such a major problem is because it is a self-defeating occupation. Let us create a politician whom I will call MrFox.

a)  MrFox decides that he really wants to make a difference and serve THE PEOPLE. So he spends a number years getting himself recognized and doing all the things necessary to be a candidate in the next campaign. He was/is a member of the PPPP (Party for the Protection of Purple Parrots)
b) MrFox then sets about making a lot of promises (verbally) that he believes will give him an edge on his opposition.
c) MrFox gets elected and now represents the PPPP for upper nowhereland.
d) The PPPP party leaders spend a lot of time explaining the official party policy and what he needs to do to ensure that he NEVER embarasses the party by speaking out of turn or off policy. Most important of all is to stick to PPPP policy and not step out of line.
e) It is about this time that MrFox realizes that the PPPP policy does not exactly embrace many (or maybe even any!!) of the issues that he considers important for his electorate
f) During the first few meetings MrFox realizes that even the PPPP policy takes second priority to the major objective of the party which is to address those  issues that can affect THEIR VOTERS that is,  the people that voted them into power and who can ensure that they stay in power. ANY decision taken therefore must ensure that the voters are happy and getting what they want.
g) MrFox is now a full-time politician and does not have the time to consider issues which are important to the country but which may antagonize or upset THE VOTERS or reduce his popularity
h) MtFox has also now learnt that the axiom that you-cannot-keep-all-of-the-people-happy-all-of-the-time is without any doubt the most difficult challenge that he faces and those problems that he felt he would like to be able to do something about will now have to wait
i) The list of The Problems as listed on ourhope.net have very little hope of being addressed this week, or this month, or this year or maybe even this term of office so I must sure to get re-elected so that I can address them during the next term.

That is about as clearly as I can possibly describe The Problem with Politics. The Political System MUST be changed so that this Problem can be put into perspective for The Code to be able to operate effectively.

Some of the rules ( Laws ?? ) that need to be put in place to ensure that the Government can OPERATE ABOVE politics so that decisions can be taken for the good of the country and not the party are;
—  A TEN YEAR PLAN needs to be established. This PLAN will define the major objectives of Government for the next 10 years. These will be plans,  changes and  projects that need to be completed over the next 10 years. That is to say that these plans will be commitments that will scheduled over the next 10 years with measurable milestones and date stamps against which the government and all of its ministers can be assessed.
—  There will be a very strict timetable for maintaining the TEN YEAR PLAN
—  As part of the election campaign each and every minister must select  at least three of the objectives of the TEN YEAR PLAN and commit to making a significant effort towards achieving those objectives during his/her term of office.
— All outgoing ministers will be assessed against their achievements during their term and if the assessment shows little or no advancement for that objective of the PLAN then their pension will be adjusted proportionally
— All the time spent debating how best to stay in power will then need to be devoted to the objectives of the TEN YEAR PLAN

Part 2 — Government :

There are a number of areas in Government which are severely impacting the standard of living and the economics of this country.  As stated above the Politicians are spending so much time on promoting themselves and ensuring that they are voted back into power for another term ( so that they can do it all again while earning a more than reasonable income for being there and doing very little ), that they do not have enough time to PROPERLY RUN THE COUNTRY.  If one has the courage to watch a broadcast of a parliamentary session one has to wonder that they get anything done at all.  The Speaker of the House must frequently feel the same was as one of our Australian School Bus Drivers trying to get a bunch of feral school kids home safely.  I personally can only express disgust at the way, supposedly responsible, adult men and women can behave when matters of such national importance are being discussed.

It is time that another serious review is made of All Government departments:
— too many government departments which were created in the interests of Australia’s well being and security (financially, politically and economically) have changed there emphasis from from the country to being revenue gatherers
— government departments who are revenue gatherers ( or are expected to fund their own budgets ) do so at the cost of a change of priorities which will ALWAYS reduce there efficiency with regard to the purpose for which they were created

— the purpose of many government departments need to be revised
— the revenue gathering process of speed traps needs to be removed from the responsibility of the Police to another entity. Either the Department of Main Roads or a separate entity altogether. It is essential that the Police are able to do their job of protecting society, catching criminals and BEING RESPECTED BY SOCIETY FOR THE JOB THAT THEY DO. Rather than being hated for turning respectable citizens into psuedo-criminals while meeting revenue quotas to feed the government coffers
— the biggest waste of money in Australia is the Department of Aboriginal Affairs. The best estimate (?) I have seen to-date is A$80B (2012-2018) that is eighty billion Australian dollars over 6 years to support, justify, appease, soft-soap and waste on 500,000 people.  ( A pensioner gets paid roughly $28,700 per year. AND  The Government will provide Defence with $34.6 billion in 2017–18 and $150.6 billion over the Forward Estimates and the Department of Defense ) The $150.6 seems to me to be the money to be spent on future developments and purchases over the next decade (not as stated in the article as 2017-1018 but, I presume,  2017-2028  )
With a seat on the UN Human Rights Council, Australia must fix its record on Indigenous rights  is a statement by the United Nations but in my mind these discussions and reports do not really get a perspective on what the problem really is or how to address it. IMHO the whole issue has reached a level of beyond-reason and has become so complicated and convoluted that the slate needs to be wiped clean and we need to make a fresh start on the whole subject;
a)  An Australian Prime Minister has made an official apology for historic actions taken against the Aboriginal People. This should be the end of that issue and it should now be a thing of the past. Realistically speaking does anyone believe that the United Kingdom should be paying the whoever (Will research WHO sometime in the future – maybe) for taking over their country.  Why does Australia owe the Aboriginals anything any more. Generations past are generations past !!  Should I still be able to claim a pension from the German Government because my father was poisoned by mustard gas in the First World War. Well that is the level of compensation that the Department of Aboriginal affairs exists for in this country. Time to call it a day !!!!!!!!
b) In keeping with Australia’s policy of no racial discrimination or apartheid inclinations the Department of Aboriginal Affairs should nor exist. By its very existence the social gap which exists between Aboriginals and the rest of Australian society will persist. In fact the Dept actually aggravates the situation and makes it more and more difficult to resolve with many laws having to be promulgated to try and handle an inevitable separation which is precipitated by its very existence
c) Disband the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and all it stands for. OK this is a huge and seemingly impossible task. The biggest hardship will be the number of Department staff that will no longer have jobs but the longer the issue is left unattended the worse it will be. ABORIGINALS MUST BE TREATED AS AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS IN ALL RESPECTS.  i sincerely believe that  there would be more Aboriginal persons in favour of this move than the minority who are still milking the system for all they are worth. Nothing less and nothing more. Please do not be so naive as to suggest that this will result in the Aboriginal being down-trodden etc etc etc etc . This continues to happen at present because of the very existence of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and the fact that Aboriginals get “special treatment” in so many areas. It will not be easy but all the issues can be dealt with except the major block is the fat that no political party has the guts to do this because the initial fall-out will be very significant. However the courage and the tenacity to get it done will be historically significant and respectfully remembered.

There are many more Government Departments that can be merged, disbanded or revamped to come into line with The Code to the great benefit of Australia as a whole.