1. Greed

Greed is the first Problem and the one which I rate as the most important and the  most critical contributor to ARMAGEDDON.  It is also the most difficult to assess because it is at the root of each and every one of us. Essentially we , each and every one of us, needs to develop an ability to decide what is enough. This is a really tough call.

We are alive because we strive for better in all things. Every aspect of our lives depends on striving for more. We want to achieve more. We are taught to be ambitious .  We want more money, possessions, material well being, spiritual well-being and more leisure.  More for our family, more for our country and more for our future.  If this was not happening then we would be either stagnating or effectively dying.

HOWEVER this drive MUST be channeled with great care and responsibility because we need to be able to identify when we have reached the point of enough (balance in Yin Yang terms) in any one physical dynamic or area of responsibility). We can re-direct our drive and energy into another more significant dynamic or area of responsibility.

This PROBLEM is manifest at its worst in POLITICS which is another major problem area on its own.  It is GREED at a personal level which destroys all politicians careers. They start off with the desire to contribute to “the greater good – the people, the country etc” but as soon as they get into power the primary mission in life suddenly becomes reduced to a self-survival goal to STAY IN POWER at any cost. Lots more on this subject under the category of POLITICS.