4. Religion.

The Code is intended to be applied by any and all Religions without contradicting any of their belief systems. The most contentious issue will of course be the use of LOVE as a number-one-rule in Religions but I am in no way questioning the fundamental Love-your-God  belief.  Religion is a commitment to the Love-of-your-God .

I am hopeful that everyone can separate the SOCIAL REQUIREMENT of RESPECT in The Code as a separate level of of beingness from the requirement for Love-your-God.

Why do I list Religion as a problem?  Religion has provided reasons for persecution, judgement, evaluation, punishment, suicide, love, hate, tolerance, faith, survival, happiness, guilt, confidence and wars-in-general for so many years that time is irrelavant. This makes Religion and Politics the most powerful influences on earth.

It is my firm belief that ALL Religions are basically GOOD. And ALL Politics have become basically questionable if not BAD. Here is an extreme instance of Yin and Yang at work. HOWEVER any Religion becomes questionable, destructive and self-destroying as soon as a fanatical element starts to become apparent.  To some extent fanaticism is essential as a part of the commitment to any Religion BUT as soon as this is translated into a belief that my-religion-is-the-only-one and anyone who is not devout-in-my-religion is a heretic .

In the case of Religious  extremists this even extends to them advocating violence to get rid of any unbelievers. These are people who do the most damage to any Religion and this in turn has a very bad outcome on the world in general. This is without doubt the worst part of Religion. And it is not restricted to factions of the Muslim faith. In fact historically the Christians have been a lot worse.

This aspect of my-religion-is-the-only-one is the The Problem in Religion and MUST be stamped out of existence in ALL Religions. The primary emphasis of The Code must come into play and RESPECT must be given to any and all Religions and Cults PROVIDED that their belief system includes respect for other Religions. As soon as the kill-the-infidel attitude replaces the requirement of RESPECT it is time to abandon the Religion (or perhaps that sect of that Religion) for a more tolerant, humane and logical one.

This guideline also applies to ALL cults. As soon as there is even a hint of we-are-the-only-ones and there is no RESPECT for any other Cult or Group then it is time to get out and find a more responsible group.

Please have RESPECT in all things at all times,