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Respect before Responsibility before Rights.

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There are many issues which have become part of everyday life because the problems that exist are sometimes too difficult and often too overpowering to consider or address. How do we decide right from wrong is the primary problem.  How do we decide whether an action or a decision is right or wrong ? What can we use as a basis for making any such decision?

This website/blog is my attempt to to address this fundamental process. After many years trying to find a simple but effective solution to this problem I have come up with “The Code”.

How and why is what I will try to explain by addressing a number of ( mainly contentious ) issues on this blog. The reason it is being done on a blog is because I know that I need a HUGE amount of help to put these pages/papers/thoughts/comments/opinions together into a meaningful and hopefully useful set of guidelines and reference documents.

Firstly I will try to explain the full significance of the words chosen to create “The Code” . Then I will define the issues ( in the form of specific topics ) which I believe are the primary causes of our declining social well-being and the increasing lack of safety and harmony, not only in Australia but in the world in general.  Hopefully by finding ways to address these issues we can slowly reduce all these problems and the effect that they are having on our Australian lifestyle.

There is absolutely no doubt that Australia is the best country in the world with the highest overall standard of living but we MUST do something about these issues to ensure that this continues.  In fact there is no reason why it should not improve and  that Australia can become an example to the rest of the world in the same way that,  per capita,  Australia leads the world in many  sporting events.

To do this I NEED YOUR HELP.  Your input will enable me to refine, change or discard  my ideas and get them into a meaningful, compelling and actionable set of recommendations which can make Australia an even better country.

At this time I believe that the following issues are the primary causes of our distress  and self-destruction :
1st issue :   GREED
2nd issue:   Do Gooders / Political Correctness (PC)
3rd issue:   RELIGION
4th issue:   POLITICS
5th issue:   THE LAW

The CODE itself has been constructed over the last 8 years and is very strict in its semantics. These are defined word by word under three Categories for understanding and discussion:
1st word:    RESPECT
3rd word:   RIGHTS

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Jan, 2018